File Magic was established in 1991 and has grown into a total-solution provider:

Our international services cater for governments and the broader private sector world economy. Our Management team has deep roots in the African Information management industry and pioneered the industry to where it is today. We've got a good understanding of the pressing information needs of the African Market and we've got the systems and international expertise to address and solve the information management needs in Africa.

Supplying Africa with the best international solutions that money can buy. Our standards ensures that our customers gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Our international partner network of facilities ensures that we cover all continents efficiently and effortless.

Giving our customers the advantage to explore unknown markets with the assurance that business records will be secure and accessible. Information can be moved to any location on the planet reducing the risk of war, political turmoil, or natural disasters destroying all records.

With our Internet based information management service and services like scan-on-demand information can be accessed securely at the same time from different locations on the planet making the physical logistical positioning of information irrellevant.

We proud ourselves in maintaining the best standards in the world by keeping in mind that the industry must adapt to it's client's needs and cater for all requirements. We have done that through extensive research and development. We provide a wide range of quality and practical cost-effective filing solutions and services.

We design and manufacture all storage boxes and containers which are used in the international off-site documentation storage industry, as well as off-site storage facilities that comply with International regulations and standards.

File Magic is a true ONE-STOP SOLUTION!

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