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Identity theft, vandalism and industrial espionage are becoming ever-increasing security problems. We have all heard the horror stories resulting from confidential information getting into the wrong hands. One only needs to read the paper to understand the problems of crime and corruption in Africa. Today's information explosion can be devastating to your business if accessed by the wrong person. With the increased usage of office copiers, fax machines and computers, staggering amounts of sensitive information is being generated and carelessly discarded.

At File Magic, we take the fear out of the office by offering a complete Off-Site destruction Service Program that will help maintain security of your most sensitive documents.

With File Magic there is no shredder to purchase or maintain, no employee wages to pay, no wasted hours shredding, no plastic bags to purchase, no disposal of bulky, shredded material, no dirt, dust or cleanup and most importantly no loss of confidentiality.

Don't let your business go out with the trash! Let File Magic set up an on-site paper disposal program today and insure that your vital company information don't leave your company through the trash bin!

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Who can use our service?

Any public or private company, institution or health care facility converting records to electronic media and dealing with everyday business such as payroll data, personnel files, customer lists, financial statements, reports, sales reports, forecasts, marketing plans, health records and more.

Have Your Data Destroyed Before It Reaches The Wrong Hands!

· Protected Health Information
· Financial Records
· Payroll Records
· Personnel files
· Legal Documents
· Canceled Checks
· Accounting Records
· New Product Proposals
· Maps and Blueprints
· Business Plans
· Inventory Lists
· Confidential Letters and Memos

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