The process of tracking files is enhanced by our on-line access capabilities that allows your organization to access inventory information over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With RCWeb records inventory control software, you have On-line Access to your Business Records, and are able to perform several functions from the convenience of your computer, including:

  • querying the database
  • identifying the boxes or files that you need
  • placing a retrieval and delivery order out of storage
  • editing inventory information
  • generating reports
  • monitoring the status of orders
  • adding new inventory
  • Printing Bar-codes
  • ordering new supplies and services

Authorized employees are provided passwords and log-on IDs’ and may search, order or report at any time using a simple familiar “shopping-cart” method.

EDC RC Web represents the fastest and easiest access to your inventory.

This on-line access allows you to search boxes, files or tapes in your inventory, to call back some of your records by placing orders with File Magic, to manage your users and their access rights to the system, to schedule your holidays and also, to produce reports.

EDC RC Web runs on a secure 128 bit SSL encrypted Internet connection.

Our user-friendly web interface allows you to manage your entire catalog of information, imaged documents, off-site records, easily and with minimal effort.

EDC RCWeb lets you…

  • Use an easy "shopping cart" ordering process to request stored files or boxes, to purchase storage boxes, and even request pickups at your location with the click of a mouse.
  • Receive an automatic confirmation of your order and know the location and status of items even if they are already on delivery.
  • Automatically schedule repetitive deliveries.
  • Software intuitively suggests alternate delivery dates when conflicts with your holiday schedule occur.
  • Perform real-time searches of your inventory stored with us.
  • Perform full text searches with Boolean expressions on all metadata and note fields for all objects in your inventory.
  • Track and view your entire inventory with pre defined PDF. Reports or create your own reports by selecting any combination of metadata fields using 10 different sort parameters and 3 types of filters.
  • Easily manage your own security, passwords and access rights for all users.
  • Provide a complete history of all "touches" on every object stored at our record center.
  • Quick, easy and immediate access to all your imaged documents.
  • Easily add multiple boxes and files to your inventory with functions that automatically populate metadata fields with predetermined defaults values.
  • Personalized metadata field titles.
  • Deploys easily with virtually no technical support required allowing universal corporate access to your information assets.
  • Multiple language support.

EDC Tracking and Delivering

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