File Magic provides scanning of hard copy records from storage to digital images, which are stored in our secure digital storage data center and then can be viewed along with your hard copy index inventory from anywhere in the world, by simply logging onto our EDC Web system. The documents can also be faxed. Documents never has to leave the records center once it is stored. With this procedure integrity and confidentiality of information is enhanced because the original document will always be available.

No documents can be removed or added out of a file or box which is normally associated with hard copy document retrieval. Documents are returned where they belong. What we scan is a true representation of documents in the file.


The benefits of Scan-On-Demand are numerous:

  • With scan-on-demand files can be requested from anywhere in the world and would be delivered to your computer at exactly the same time.
  • This is the fastest way to retrieve information and only takes minutes.
  • Affordable - we scan only what you want, when you want it
  • Convenient - once we scan and store the image, we notify you by e-mail and it's accessible to you at any time by simply logging onto our secure web site
  • Secure - complies with regulations concerning access to information and privacy laws
  • Import Functions - TIF, PDF, PNG, BMP, JPG, PCX, DCX, and TGA image files
  • OCR, Zone OCR & OCR Indexing - optical character recognition (OCR) for use in other documents or to perform searches; automatic indexing of all words, or zone indexing for indexing a specific area of a page
  • User Annotations - clients can write information on an image (without modifying the original), highlight a certain paragraph for somebody else to read (without modifying the original), and the original can be viewed with or without the annotations

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