File Level Indexing

EDC identifies and bar-codes each file based on the client's specific requirements. The information indexed is defined by the client and is based on the criteria required for finding files within client boxes.

Interfiling of Loose Documents or New Files into Existing Boxes

Clients may request that a record unit which has not previously been stored be inserted into a record unit that is part of existing stored inventory. Clients must clearly indicate the box number and/or file description that the item should be placed into. Interfiling includes indexing the record unit, bar-coding it, scanning to the parent unit and placing it in the parent unit, providing that adequate space is available in the storage unit.




Tapes, CDs, Hard Drives, microfilm, x-rays, anything can be indexed, bar-coded and stored.

Accession of New Storage Units into Storage

This service includes the preparation of a new record unit into storage after the initial inventory is complete. Included in this service is the creation of receipt documents, acceptance into the warehouse, box-level indexing and box bar-coding, location bar-coding, scanning into the inventory control system, and shelving the record unit.

Re-Boxing of Contents

Repackaging of torn, damaged or non-standard or irregular storage boxes for new accounts during the initial inventory process or any time after the initial inventory. The Service includes the box itself, transferring the contents, rewriting the descriptive information on the new box, replacing the bar code and correcting the data base reference.

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