Box and File Manufacturing







  • Available in corrugated Cardboard

  • SFK - single face corrugated cardboard

  • Single and double wall (liner)

    Files and Boxes are produced in either white or brown cardboard, or Corruplas sheets.

    Printing is done to specifications.


New Ideas can come to life and packaging solutions are being delivered. Your company details can be printed according to specification on files and boxes for archival and active filing. Speak to us for a assessment of your packaging needs.

Corruplas is strong, waterproof, greaseproof, sunproof and chemical resistant, made from Copolymer and PP extruding. It is a nontoxic product which is ideal for extreme long-term archival document storage, it's reusable and can be recycled.

The File Magic File Range is best used with the filing clip system, which is well-explained on the clips page. Clips can be used attached to the box or as a neatly bound pack of documents which can be stored individually in the filing boxes.

The files have holes to accommodate the fitment of the clips for securely holding documents in place. The clips are very popular in documents where later retrieval of specific documents are necessary. The clips make it easily accessible.

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