Commercial Center Security System

Our facility is protected by a state-of-the-art commercial security system installed and monitored 24 hours a day.

Inner Perimeter Security

Motion sensor Alarms

Our facility is fully equipped with door contacts and motion sensor alarms which is continuously supported by leading security professionals. These independent systems are on a routine inspection and maintenance schedule to guarantee system integrity and that the highest security standards are preserved to ensure that your business record documents are safe. All systems are supported by a back-up power source to ensure the operation even in power failures.

Fire Detection System

Our facility hosts a state of the art fire detection & prevention system approved and inspected by the Tshwane Emergency Management Strategic Executive Officer. View Certificate

Outer Perimeter Security

The outer perimeter is protected by a sensitive electric fence alarm system which is monitored on a 24 hour basis. This system is incorporated into the total surveillance structure.

Bar-code Tracking

We have a State of the art bar-code system. Records inventory control software(EDC) provides errorless tracking.

Computer Systems and Communication Systems

Computer systems are redundantly backed up and all computer and communication systems - both telephonic and Internet based - are supported by a back-up power source to ensure the operation even in power failures. Dual Internet connections are in place supporting wireless and landline Internet transmissions, reducing the risk of downtime.

Employee Screening

To ensure your confidentiality, we require all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their employment. Employees wear File Magic uniforms and ID badges for easy identification and prevention of unauthorized access. All employees must pass a criminal activity background-check.

Monitored Access to Records

Each client supplies a list of Authorized Personnel and their level of entry, which clearly identifies individuals with access rights to their records. Only authorized individuals will have access to specific records.

Document Destruction Processes

Secure Shredding

Record Destruction

This service provides authentication and destruction of records that have completed their useful and required life. The process requires record unit retrieval and permanent removal. This service includes a report of record units available for destruction, creation of a destruction certificate and removal from the system. Read more...

Permanent Removal of a Storage Unit

This service expedites an orderly permanent removal and check out of a record storage unit to the client. A permanent removal requires a regular retrieval and includes data entry, check out authentication and reconciliation. If the client requires delivery to another location, delivery is charged at the appropriate rate.

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