On Site Record Management - Clients have the ability to track their documents from inception before they are transferred to File Magic through use of the EDC Software document management control system.

Physical documents are bar-coded with electronic data description fields. Clients can therefore input, access, track, control, retrieve and recall their own physical (files and boxes) documents regardless of location.

Off Site Storage and Record Management - Storage of client hard copy records in boxes (units). Boxes are bar-coded and assigned to random bin locations throughout the secure warehouse using the EDC Software document management control system.

Documents, Boxes and files, folders and print-outs.

We can store any kind of document, record or file.

Rolls, Architect plans, Building plans etc.

Tapes, CD's, dvd, discs, sticks and drives.

Hard Copy Records Storage

Record Storage and Management of client hard copy record storage boxes.

Boxes are bar-coded using state-of-the-art EDC Records Management Inventory Control System, and stored in random bin locations throughout the Secure Commercial Records Center.

Off-Site Storage is a cost saver

Off-Site storage will save you valuable space and money. This is not only safer and secure filing practice, but also a logical system with added benefits and productivity development.

Please feel free to speak to us for a customized filing solution that will not only save time, money and space, but also give your business the edge in moving towards the future of administration and filing!

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